I always like to add a photo when I can to a post. This picture was from her play date at a local park today & she loved it! Smiled the whole time.

Just a quick update- I got a call from Nurse Mary @ the chemo clinic with K’s counts from her labs.
K’s Platelet count is good, her hemoglobin is steady & her ANC count is 1008! (Great counts!) So, we are set to start the Maintenance Phase tmwr morning with a sedation & chemo day.
We are asking for prayer for:

* this entire family to get a good night of sleep!
*A calm kaylee when she gets her numbing port cream put on.
* That K won’t have to wait too long to be sedated since she cannot eat or drink until that is over.
* That God will guide the Dr’s hands when inserting chemo into her spine.
* That her port access & de-access will go as smoothly as possible for K.
* Praying for 0 side effects from the Vincristine chemo she will get after sedation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers & encouragement! We will keep y’all updated on how she is doing soon!
Go Kaylee, Go!! 🙂


Day 56!!


A little picture to show you what we are all smiles about in this house!!! The blog update coming soon, but had to share our excitement!! Kaylee is DONE enduring the hardest phase she will go through in this cancer battle!! The Maintenence Phase begins Thursday morning.
Gooooo Kaylee!!!
God is so good!!

April 13th,2014


We are still here in the hospital. All of K’s lab work came back negative for any bacteria or any virus. That’s always good news. Her ANC count is what is keeping us here. Her ANC count is super low, so we just need her bone marrow to pump out some of those illness fighting white cells so we can go home.
It was a fun day after a long night of waking up every 90 min to change her diaper due to all the fluids she is on. We are thankful we had such a great day w/ family visiting! After 8 months of back & forth to this hospital, I’m shocked we just learned about an indoor playground today! Kaylee was given an hour off her port lines, so she had a blast at the playground!!

I need to give a
shout out to my brother for staying at our house to take care of our dogs & our ‘Aunt Sherry’ for filling in for him when he’s working! Thank you both for taking care of our fur kids!

Praying tmwr is the lucky day to go home.. Even though I’m aware she will basically need to live in a bubble as to not get sick this Nxt week!

Thank you for all the prayers & well wishes! Was so great to see K smiling so much today!!
Jeremiah 29:11

Chemo today


We will update on how Kaylee has been doing since last Thursday’s chemo treatment tonight.
Our now 2 year old (!) has chemo today! Kaylee will be getting Pegaspargase chemo through her port, and she started on steroids last week which has made life lately live up to the name “phase of hell.”
We are asking for prayer today. We are praying for a calm Kaylee during port access, a quick chemo treatment, no fever, and 0 side effects.
Thank you for being such awesome prayer warriors for our daughter. She most definitely needs those for this phase (52 days left!)
God bless y’all!
Duffy & Chris

Jeremiah 29:11
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