Happy Valentines Day! Due to the recent snow here in Georgia, we were given the option to bump K’s chemo that was supposed to begin today. After learning the Clinic would not open until 10am, it would mean K’s sedation for her chemo injection in her spine would be at 11 or even later. Chris and I thought that was just too long for K to not eat or drink anything, so we agreed to bump the chemo appt. Kaylee will now begin the Delayed Intensification Phase next Thursday February 20th. A few extra days with our little one chemo-free? Yay! We will keep you posted on how she does next week, so please keep her in your prayers!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 😊
Jeremiah 29:11
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K got her blood taken this morning and her ANC count was 740. Her ANC count needed to be 750, but the Dr felt it was close enough to go ahead with the chemo wknd. They accessed her port and sedated her for a lumbar puncture, she had some lunch I packed, and then we were taken to our hospital room for the wknd. She just fell asleep for a much needed nap while getting her pre-chemo fluids. Please keep K in your thoughts & prayers this wknd! We are hoping to be discharged by late afternoon Monday if all goes well. 😌
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Jeremiah 29:11