Prayer warriors needed


Hey there! I know we are totally behind on doing a routine update on how Kaylee has been doing, but this is more of an urgent matter.
The beginning of July, Kaylee fell and skinned both of her knees while playing outside. After her left knee started to heal, a small rash formed around her kneecap. Since then the rash has started to slowly spread. I made an appointment with her pediatrician who prescribed a steroid cream to use, which did not work. At her last clinic visit the oncologist saw k’s knee- didn’t know what it was & referred us to see a dermatologist at Emory. We figured her steroid week would knock the rash out, but it didn’t. The dermatologist at Emory didn’t have an opening until October so I made an appt for her to see my dermatologist. The dermatologist said “well it’s not contagious, since you and your husband don’t have it. I think it’s a virus. Maybe it’s parvovirus or Leukemia Cutis … But as you know, if it is a virus there’s nothing you can do but just wait it out (which could take quite awhile for an immune deficient child) but here is a new cream to try. If the rash is not gone in 3 weeks, I would like to have you come back so we can do a biopsy on her knee.”
That was on Friday August 14th. The new cream has done nothing & watching this rash spread & my daughter feeling itchy & lethargic has really worried Chris and me.
(Keep in mind, that since July, we have tried eczema creams, steroid creams, Cortizone and anything else doctors have suggested or prescribed for her.)

I finally called & left a msg for K’s oncologist last night and asked them to order a virus test and a CBC because my mommy gut tells me something is wrong & I cannot stand not knowing answers for K.
Thankfully, her doctor agreed and I took Kaylee today to get an arm stick for the 3 vials of blood they needed. Poor baby screamed through the blood test (which is so hard for any parent to see) but Chris and I calmed her down pretty quickly after it was all over.

Here’s the part where we NEED PRAYER. Right now her CBC is pending & the virus test should come back on Wednesday morning. Kaylee’s first day of preschool is supposed to be this Thursday. 😐
So we are praying for not only clear answers on what is causing this, (and hopefully an easy cure) but for God to completely heal her legs, hands, and bottom (where the rash has spread.)
(Without posting a picture, I cannot accurately describe what the rash looks like but think of an allergic reaction & that’s what we are seeing.)

We’ve seen the magnitude of what prayer can do for K, so we challenge you, ask you, beg you, to please pray for our 3 year old Leukemia warrior & quick, miraculous healing for her!!
I am so ready for her just to finally be healthy & my heart is so heavy with concern.

We will make sure to post results Wednesday when we have them.
Thank you in advance for praying for our little girl. She needs those!!

Jeremiah 29:11

12 thoughts on “Prayer warriors needed

  1. My heart is breaking for the three of you.
    Enough is enough……you all have been thru so much.
    Prayers now will be nonstop!!!!!!!!
    Hugs, kisses and positive thoughts.

  2. Hi there. Did your dermatologist rule out molluscum? My daughter has it and they look like little rash of pimples almost. They start as a few bumps and spread. They can be itchy. In fact, scratching them makes them spead more. My daughter has them on her arms, legs, and bottom. If that is what it is, none of the creams you’ve used will help. In fact, rubbing the creams in could spread the bumps if any of them were open. My oldest daughter had them for almost 3 years and they are just now gone. We treated with tretinoin which is a retin-a cream given to us by the dermatologist. Sometimes they also give Tagamet to treat internally. Molluscum is spread in public pools, gym mats, by sharing towels, etc. Again, I am no doctor but just thought I would share this info. I attached a few pictures. Carrie SmithSent from Yahoo Ma

  3. Yes, the prayers are for Kaylee,you & Chris. May God grant all of you the added strength to face this challenge. May serenity be granted to
    you and those who love you.

    Karen Dillon

  4. Praying for your precious Kaylee! And for you and your husband. It breaks my heart when children have to battle these horrible things!!! May God bless you and help you find peace and strength thru all of this.

  5. No young child should have to endure everything Kaylee has been thru. Continued prayers 4K’s good health. May God grant all of you the strength to get thru all of this. Stay strong.

  6. Please know we are praying for you, Kaylee and Chris. This is one more step towards Kaylee’s recovery which I hope will come soon. Let’s hope she makes her first day at school!

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