I always like to add a photo when I can to a post. This picture was from her play date at a local park today & she loved it! Smiled the whole time.

Just a quick update- I got a call from Nurse Mary @ the chemo clinic with K’s counts from her labs.
K’s Platelet count is good, her hemoglobin is steady & her ANC count is 1008! (Great counts!) So, we are set to start the Maintenance Phase tmwr morning with a sedation & chemo day.
We are asking for prayer for:

* this entire family to get a good night of sleep!
*A calm kaylee when she gets her numbing port cream put on.
* That K won’t have to wait too long to be sedated since she cannot eat or drink until that is over.
* That God will guide the Dr’s hands when inserting chemo into her spine.
* That her port access & de-access will go as smoothly as possible for K.
* Praying for 0 side effects from the Vincristine chemo she will get after sedation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers & encouragement! We will keep y’all updated on how she is doing soon!
Go Kaylee, Go!! 🙂


8 thoughts on “5/1/14

  1. Duffy your strength is not only inspiring, but beautiful. Bring it on AMEN!!!! My prayers continue for kaylee and your family. What a testimony (Book of Life) you are living. Keep Journaling.

  2. Thank you for posting the pictures. Nice to see Kaylee out enjoying the good weather. Continued prayers for Kaylee that she gets through this next phase with little or no ill side affects. Praying for you & Chris, for continued strength to see “K” through it. God Bless you all. Vicky from Philly
    Debbie & Jayes Aunt

  3. Love the pictures she seems so happy. Pray all goes well with treatment and sleeping-w/o the trampoline.
    Love and lots of prayers Kay

  4. Kaylee’s prayer request is on it’s way to Jerusalem to be placed in the “Wailing Wall” ( now called the Western Wall) by my pastor. In 70 C.E the Romans destroyed this temple leaving only one wall standing. People place prayer requests inside the cracks of the wall and large crowds gather there every Friday night to pray over the names. So starting next Friday Kaylee’s Prayer Warriors will increase tremendously.

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