Half of the CBC Results!!


We took Kaylee for her CBC & virus tests today and although we waited quite a while in the waiting room & the vein stick was a bit harder for her than we expected, it was a blessing that the nurse we had was so incredibly sweet & got K’s vein on the first try. Kaylee recovered quite quickly when the nurse let her pick out a few stickers for “being so brave.” 😊
We have felt so supported in prayer all day from family & friends and we anxiously waited for the results (the virus test results won’t be known until Tuesday.) I called the clinic a few times throughout the day to see if the CBC labs were in & finally at 4:30 (when the clinic closes) the nurse said “I’m sorry Duffy, under Kaylee’s name it says her labs are still processing. Unless it’s urgent, we will call you Monday morning with the results.”

I don’t really do well with waiting. So I waited another hour, and then called the On call Dr and said “it’s been 7 hours since her CBC, please tell me you know what her ANC & hemoglobin count is!”
The Dr said “well to be honest her ANC count says pending… But her hemoglobin is here.”.. (PRAYER WARRIORS- this is cool!!) “There really isn’t an explanation for this.. Somehow her hemoglobin count went up! Her hemoglobin went from 8.9 to a 10.7!! I wasn’t expecting it to go up at all, so this is odd, but good for her!” I said “it’s all prayer really! It’s a God thing. Wow!!” (Doing a happy dance in my kitchen at this point.) The Dr said “all her other counts are normal too but we will need to wait on the ANC.” (Not too worried about her ANC count bc it wasn’t drastically low on Tuesday.. Just not as high as they wanted it to be.)
We are so beyond thankful for all the prayers these past few days y’all!! I can’t even put it into words since “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough!

One of my friends txted me today with “you ok?” I said “If Kaylee is ok, I’m ok!😊”
Well, Kaylee is ok and thanks be to God!! Still a fight goin on against Leukemia but she is one heck of a fighter!

We will hear back about her virus tests on Tuesday and I will be taking her to the cancer clinic on Wednesday morning for more blood tests, so we will keep you posted!

Thank you again!! Enjoy your weekend!
Duffy, Chris & K.
Jeremiah 29:11

Virus? What virus?

Duffy (Kaylee’s mom) blogging


I apologize that I can’t give a detailed blog update like I normally do about how Kaylee has been doing. We have other issues that have come up this week that are a bit more important to share. This quick blog will be for those that are confused and have questions about what is going on with K’s blood.

When Kaylee last went to her chemo appt on January 8th, her ANC (white blood cells that fight off infection) count was 240. That is really low, (she is neutropenic again) yet she still had to get her Vincristine chemo treatment through her port & Methotrexate chemo in her spine when she was sedated that day.  The Dr. told us that although she still needed to do her steroid week, they were suspending her daily chemo to allow her a week to get her counts back up.

I took K to get her labs done this Tuesday Jan 19th and was pleased to get a call from Nurse Mary from the cancer clinic late afternoon on Wednesday with her lab report. Until Mary said the lab report didn’t look good.. The first issue is Kaylee’s hemoglobin keeps dropping. Her hemoglobin was 12.2 four weeks ago, 9.9 two weeks ago and Tuesday her hemoglobin was 8.9. (A hemoglobin count of 7 or below means she needs a blood transfusion.)This isn’t normal. The 2nd issue is that Kaylee’s ANC was expected to go way up. The Dr was surprised to see that her ANC count was only 740 on Tuesday after being off chemo for over a week.

Nurse Mary explained that Kaylee’s body must be trying to fight off something for her ANC count to still be so low ( I looked over at Kaylee who was next to me at the kitchen table  playing with playdoh looking a bit pale, but acting fine).The first thing Mary said was “We need Kaylee to get a virus test. We think she might have the Parvo virus, but we will be checking other viruses as well. That’s when I said “Can you spell that? I thought you just said Parvo, with a V….which I have only heard about from the Vet when I take my dogs in to get their shots…and that can’t be right…” She said “Oh, the parvovirus doesn’t affect just dogs. Parvo is also a virus about 90% of kids that are in school have had, and kids with a suppressed immune system have a hard time fighting off. People cannot get parvo from dogs and vice versa, (It is a different virus strain) but she can get it if say, another kid coughed or sneezed near her that had parvo. Meanwhile, that child probably never knew he had the virus, b/c if a child with a healthy immune system gets that virus; his/her body would just naturally fight it off, no problem. The problem with Parvo for Kaylee (if she has it) is that Kaylee has a weakened immune system already, and Parvo can cause an anemia crisis or chronic anemia in her and blood transfusions will be needed often (among other issues.). Mary asked if Kaylee had any form of a rash, and I said “Yes, she has a really small rash right below her eye, but I brought that up when we were at the clinic last and the Dr said it was probably caused by the Methotrexate chemo b/c Kaylee has such sensitive skin.” Mary just said “If she does have Parvo, the rash is good, because that would mean she is not contagious.”

Naturally I passed off the news to Chris who had questions I didn’t even think of, and we had to call Nurse Mary back, after Chris looked up medical notes about the parvo virus mimicking a Leukemia relapse, which of course put me in a small panic, near tears. Mary assured us that the “R word” is not even a thought right now. Kaylee has responded well to chemo, they just need to figure out what virus she could be trying to fight off.

SO! Tomorrow, Friday (1/23/15) we will be taking Kaylee to the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta Satellite Medical Office near us, for Kaylee to get a peripheral stick (blood drawn from a vein in her arm) to get a CBC and test for a few possible viruses. This causes both Chris and I anxiety, b/c she hasn’t had to be poked in a vein since she was diagnosed. She has either had to get her finger pricked or her port accessed. This will be new to her and I’m not a fan. I am clinging to the devotion today in the book Jesus Calling to ‘trust God with every aspect of our life. To trust Him during all our situations, every difficult challenge, anything that tends to make us anxious, and search for His way in the midst of all the circumstances.’ Such a much needed reminder today!

We will be praying for higher counts and no virus to be found! We will be praying for our daughter to be calm so the tests can be over quickly. We will remain faithful that God is healing her of her Leukemia and can rebuild anything that her little body needs help with. He created her blood, He can heal it! So thankful she has been playing like normal and doesn’t seem to feel crummy!

Please Lord; just let her become healthy again!

We will update the blog when we get her count report back. Thank you guys so much for all your prayers this week!!!

Don’t forget to please;

Jeremiah 29:11- “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Sedation & chemo tmwr!


Happy New Year!!

As much as I wanted to be able to sit down and write an update on how Kaylee has been doing, there is not enough time tonight. I will say, praise God she hasn’t gotten sick & I am so grateful for her daily smiles,cuddles & energy!

*note~ After reading the post below, I realized this became more of a rant than anything else. Sorry bout that.. We all have our days..*

We have a full day ahead of us tomorrow! The cancer clinic is swamped with kids, so we will be taking Kaylee to get her vitals taken, her port accessed, and her Vincristine chemo at the cancer clinic as usual. Then, one of the nurses will usher us across the street to the CHOA hospital “day surgery” where K will be sedated, receive chemo in her spine & eventually de accessed.
The issue here is that Kaylee is usually sedated first…and then she’s able to finally eat & drink while receiving her other chemo. Tomorrow she will have to wait longer than she ever has, to eat or drink because her sedation is after everything else…and it’s at the hospital😥. I have tried everything from getting the date changed,to seeing if there is any way she can get sedated first, but I was not successful. Chris and I are not happy about this (to say it nicely) bc who honestly wants to see their 2 year old wait hours and hours without being able to eat or drink a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g ?! It is mean and ridiculous to do to a child, and we are praying (at this point) that she’ll be done before lunch, but that also is not looking possible. (Sigh)

So, our prayer requests for tomorrow are a bit different than usual. While we still ask for prayer for Kaylee to be calm while her port is being accessed, her chemo to be mixed accurately & efficiently, prayers for 0 negative side effects from the chemo treatments, and that she will be calm for her port de access, BUT we are also asking for a few more prayers. Prayers that Kaylee won’t have to wait long to eat or drink.. That somehow she will get sedated quicker than we are told (a safe sedation at that.) We are praying for a smooth, quick day for her! She will also start steroids tmwr, so if you’ve read our blog before.. You know that the nxt 5 days can be a bit rough.
Chris and I both know that prayer can change everything! We’ve seen so much proof of that during this battle,so thank you for being our prayer warriors! God truly has been & is so good!!
Hoping & believing for the best tmwr, and we will update you on how it goes & how she is doing soon!
Jeremiah 29:11– “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


Chris, Duffy & Kaylee



Another long overdue blog comin at ya! How is it already Christmas time?! This month has somehow flown by, and in just a little less than 3 days it will be Christmas! I could not be more excited, and I will try to make this a quick summary of the last month!

November 10th was K’s scheduled sedation and chemo day at the clinic. Chris and I got her there on time, and she was able to be one of the first to get sedated and chemo started, so that made things a bit easier. Once she woke up from sedation, she was eager to eat and drink. She wanted to cuddle with each of us as they de-accessed her port, which left quite a bruise on her little sensitive chest. She started her steroid week, and I tried to keep her as busy as possible with play dates to keep her emotional side minimal as she was not sleeping that well, which is usual for steroid week. The great news is that her counts all seemed good, so they did not have to up her chemo again! (Praise God!)

Before we knew it, it was almost Thanksgiving time! My mom and stepdad came into town from Florida and K was thrilled! My mom was able to accompany me to K’s labs day on Nov 25th. My mom does not do well with blood at all, so it was humorous to see Kaylee not even shedding a tear while getting her blood taken, and my mom squeezing her eyes shut so she wouldn’t pass out. Have I mentioned that the Lord made my child a brave rock star? It is true. Kaylee loved Thanksgiving Day, and getting to see so many people that she loves. Every year, we travel to various family members’ homes to visit for Thanksgiving, and this year we came back to our house to make our own Thanksgiving dinner as well. This was also the night Kaylee decided she no longer likes turkey and refused to eat it, but she loved the sweet potato soufflé that my mom and I put a ton of marshmallows in. hahaha.

:> Kaylee had a ball picking out our Christmas tree with us and when she finally hugged the 15th tree we looked at, we knew it would be our Christmas tree. She “helped us” decorate the tree, only shattering one ornament. Hearing her squeal when Chris put the star on the tree with an “ohhhh how pwetty!” made us both smile.

Kaylee had her chemo appt at the clinic again on December 4th. K was not scheduled to be sedated, so I took her by myself and she was allowed to eat & drink beforehand which is always nice. I made Chris put her numbing cream on her port before we left the house, bc as soon as she sees the numbing cream out, the tears start and she knows where she is going.  Her appt was set later in the morning, so we didn’t have to fight any traffic, and got there ridiculously early.  A routine chemo day turned into quite an entertaining day. K is obsessed with Christmas trees, so as soon as the elevator doors opened to the AFLAC Cancer Center, there was a beautifully decorated tree that she went nuts over. She was in a great mood after that, and when we were called back for her labs, she was waving and saying hello to just about everyone (seriously so blessed that she is such a sweetheart.) She chattered away to the nurse even WHILE she was getting her finger pricked, threw off her shoes to me so she could jump on the scale to get weighed and skipped to the height chart. While we waited for the Dr, she got to play in the game area. The pet therapy dog was there and Kaylee loved all over her. As soon as we got to her chemo room, Nurse Mary walked in. Kaylee just about leapt off my lap as she yelled “Miss Mary!” and ran to wrap Mary in a hug. Once Nurse Mary had accessed K’s port, the Dr arrived with her blood count report. He is fairly new, and K did what she always does around men that attempt to talk to her, and hid behind me. She has developed a super shy side only around guys (unless she has seen them 3 or more times.) This Dr did a great job of getting K to laugh, and she lit up when he handed her the ear scope and asked her to search for squirrels in his ear. She thought he was hilarious and pretty soon she was no longer shy and was talking away to him. All of K’s counts were great (praise God, exactly where they need to be to have enough ANC cells to ward off infection, but not too high, so the chemo is still working.) Her liver numbers were good as well, so they started Kaylee on her Vincristine chemo (the one that has causes the neuropathy in her right leg.) De-accessing her port was the only hard part of the day b/c it is very painful on her sensitive skin. After her chemo, we had to run across the street to the hospital for paperwork to get filled out before the New Year. Kaylee was able to see the train she loved to see every day when we were in the hospital so many times last year. She also grabbed my hand and said “Mommy! I pose in front of Christmas tree! You take the picture!” This was very abnormal as K hates to get her picture taken lately. Must’ve been the beautiful tree the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta has up in their lobby.  She smiled so big next to that tree.

We started steroid week that night, and something amazing happened. Kaylee not only slept well, but she slept in every day of that week until 8:45/9am!! This HAS to be because of prayers. Everyone that has read our blog before knows what a struggle steroid week is, and even though she was as emotional as expected with steroids, sleep was not a problem and I could not have been more thankful. Kaylee ended up getting sick on me twice that week but always rebounded later that day, and never had a fever, so I always knew it was because of chemo.

December 5th marked an exciting day for us! As of December 5th we had 1 year left. December 5th of next year is her scheduled end of treatment date for her Leukemia! It will mean that after more than 2 years of battling cancer, it will finally be over, and our next prayers will be heavy with “Please no relapse, please no relapse!” To be real, this is something that strikes my very core with fear.(remember a few blog entries ago when I said I needed to memorize scripture on fear? That has helped!) I catch myself in prayer quite a bit coming back to something along the lines of “Lord, I never knew I could handle the Leukemia battle K has had to deal with, watching my child go through something as terrible as this…. but I know…I KNOW I could not handle her having a relapse!” The begging plea to God starts around then…. And I am always reminded to be still and trust in what God has planned for her future. I know he has great things planned for her, I can feel it. The unknown is so hard to trust sometimes, and I cannot write this blog honestly without adding in things that burden my thoughts sometimes. However, I could not keep my excitement over the fact that THIS Christmas will be the last Christmas that K will have to deal with chemo poison going through her body every single day. All I could think about on December 5th was next year we can shout from the rooftops that our daughter is cancer free, and what a day that will be!!! What a blessing and praise to God for setting her free that will be!  K’s Dr said something that stuck with me “Next winter, you will get to re-meet your daughter. She could be very different without constant medication; you will get to see her really be Kaylee for the first time in a long time, so get ready if you think she is already an energetic girl!”

Since her counts were ok, I took her to see Santa after a weeklong pep talk Chris and I had with her. Kaylee has had two very bad years with Santa as she has flipped out getting a picture with him, so I was sure we could get her to smile with him this year. Sure enough, K ran to Santa, sat on his lap and told him she would really like a pretty Cinderella dress and white gloves to match her pretty Cinderella heels she has at home. She gave him a quick hug, said thank you, and then ran back to me. It was sweet and precious and made into a fabulous picture that we have already framed in the house! Since then, we had our annual Christmas pictures taken, we have taken her to see a few Christmas light shows with friends, numerous Christmas shopping trips, play dates, and I keep trying to escape the flu that seems to have taken over the state of Georgia.

At this time last year, we were just getting discharged from the hospital and scrambling to get everything done before Christmas. Chris and I have both talked about what a blessing this year has been, that K has stayed healthy, and happy. Really, this whole month she has just been this little ball of energetic, excitement, and there is really nothing that could make me happier. This child’s joy becomes our joy and seeing Christmas through her eyes is remarkable. Her next scheduled chemo at the clinic is the first week of January, and I am sure I will update before then, so we will continue to pray for her to remain happy & healthy.

We are so thankful for your prayers and following our updates on K. It is because of your prayers she is doing so well! Please keep praying!  We are so so thankful for being able to write good updates on her! We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for being a part of our lives during this battle! Less than a year left!!!


Duffy & Chris


Jeremiah 29:11~ “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

** To see picture updates on K, feel free to follow her on Instagram @Kayleesbattle.

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It Has Been A While

November 8th/ 9th 2014

Duffy (K’s mom) blogging

Officially the longest update ever……


Well I checked, and the last actually blog update I did was back in September! Whoo, sorry about that! To be honest there were a few weeks there of the terrible twos that I literally didn’t even want to think about writing. (My mother said my brother and I were actually the worst at 2 ½  years old rather than 3 (which differs from every other mom I have talked to) so I am praying that maybe it’s a genetic thing and this is the worst it will get and K as a 3 year old will be easier on us? I know a few moms probably just muttered “heh! Good luck!” while reading that. Ignorance is bliss, right?! Ok~ time to catch up!

Kaylee has had three blood labs, and one sedation & chemo day since the last blog. I guess I will start by finishing up where we last left off~ We held the Childhood Cancer Awareness Event and (with a ton of volunteer help) we were able to raise $4,022 to donate to the non-profit CURE Childhood Cancer Organization!! This far surpassed what Chris and I thought we would raise, and for that we are so thankful! The Red Cross had set a goal of getting 32 pints of blood donated that day, and our fantastic supporters exceeding that as well! Red Cross reported they were able to get 39 pints of blood donated at our event, which they were thrilled about! Hooray!

October 11th was Chris and my 6 year Wedding Anniversary, and we spent that day celebrating 2 very special people getting married! Kaylee’s Godparents; Jennifer Cannon (Chris’s cousin, whom I adore) and Brandon Hampton were tying the knot in the small town of Trion, Georgia a little over an hour ½ away. Kaylee was a flower girl and I was one of the bridesmaids. I spent the morning with the Bride & bridesmaids, so by the time Chris arrived with K  at the church at 2:00 for family pictures, he warned me that she had refused to nap the whole way there. Grrrreat. I was very nervous about how she would do as a 2 ½ yr old flower girl without a nap, but we hoped the ring bearer; our cousin Micah (who Kaylee LOVES) would help her be calm in front of so many people. Our little lightning bolt shocked me! She smiled for pictures with Jenn before the wedding (Which wasn’t all that hard considering she loves Jenn and Brandon.) She did a great job sprinkling rose petals down the aisle, and wanted to shake her little booty at the reception the whole time as well! I literally had to hold her back from running to Jenn and B during their first dance! (this was also the day she became obsessed with the Taylor Swift song ‘Shake it Off’  (which I have now had to play about as many times as I have been forced to watch the movie Frozen for her hahaha.) She surprisingly did not fall asleep on the hour ½ drive home that night either! She was ready for more food and dancing in her “pwetty pwetty dress” once we arrived home! She asked to Facetime Gaga and Papa to show them her dance moves, and despite the late hour for her, we couldn’t help but laugh. It was so darn cute.

October 13th was her sedation and chemo day at the clinic. At her clinic visit 4 weeks before this (Sept 15th)  her counts were far too low, so the Dr decided it was time to tweak her daily chemo down a bit. We were anxious to hear how her counts would be since that adjustment. Well, her blood labs showed good news and bad news. Her ANC cells (white blood cells that fight off infection) count was very high…too high. This was good news bc she had been around so many people at the wedding, she was able to fight off any infection that could’ve come her way.(thank you Lord.) This was bad news, b/c with an ANC count so high, the chemo was not really killing anything either (a.k.a pointless.) The Dr decided that we needed to tweak the chemo up a bit, and get her labs checked on the 28th. K was sedated, while I tried not to cry for the millionth time, (basically b/c each time she gets sedated we have to sign a form that blatantly states “verify you are aware there are risks with any sedation including death.”)

We spent the following week keeping K too busy to let her steroids week get to her (although sleep that week was horrific.)  We took her Halloween costume shopping, had play dates almost every day, and then pumpkin picking at Cagles Farm over the wknd (which she keeps asking “when we going back to farm? I wanna see da goats & cows again Mommy! They stink, but they so funny!” The rest of the month was filled with kid’s birthday parties, her first trunk or treat (last year she was too sick to be out in public much), and our first time to the Camp Sunshine Fall festival! I cannot say enough good things about the Camp Sunshine event! We met families that have been through what we are going through that were so encouraging! Everything was so sanitary yet fun for the kids of every age! Kaylee had so much fun and it was a pretty great family day!

October 28th was K’s blood labs. We called the lab first to make sure our fav lab tech Denise was there. Kaylee was given a cute little Wellstar nurse bear when we arrived, (which was so sweet) and Denise was clever enough to ask K to name the bear before pricking K’s finger to keep her mind off the pain. (Have you had your finger pricked lately? I had forgotten how much those finger prick needles actually hurt!) Kaylee cried for about 3 seconds and then decidedly named the bear “Nurse Kaylee!” (We’ll work on that imagination with her, as she now has over 40 stuffed animals she has named Kaylee. LOL!)

October 30th, we got a call from Nurse Mary with K’s blood labs and her counts were all great numbers (but we know are too high for the chemo to work effectively, which means they will need to up her chemo again soon.) We will have to wait and see how her counts are on her clinic day which is coming up this Monday Nov 10th!

Halloween was a great day for K! She had been talking so much about trick or treating and her “pwetty costume” that before her bath & bedtime routine the night before Halloween, she fell apart, crying hysterically. It took us a minute to figure out what was wrong. She thought that it was Halloween and we just didn’t take her trick or treating! We had to explain a few times that Halloween was the next day and we wouldn’t dream of letting her miss trick or treating! It was sad, comical, and precious all at the same time! Chris was able to leave work early on Halloween, and “Unca Z” (my brother) came for our early dinner and to pass out candy while we took K trick or treating. Kaylee (a.k.a Tinkerbell) had so much fun seeing how magical the phrase “Trick or Treat” was and cheered as people would put candy in her little Halloween bucket! She would gasp every time she would see a little girl dressed as Elsa and say “Mommy, Daddy! Look! It is Queen Elsa! I go say hi!” The older little girls did not seem amused that K thought they were actually Queen Elsa, but it made us smile. The night was great until the sky opened up and we half ran back to the house 2 streets down in the rain to get inside. Chris had K covered under an umbrella as we ran and her little happy laugh once we got home recalling her fun trick or treating adventure to “Unca Z” was priceless. 🙂

Lately, I have tried to keep her (and me) happily busy with play dates (which has been a bit difficult b/c so many kids are back in school now.) while we know her counts are high. My favorite memory of last week was on Election Day. I had a talk with K in the car about how we needed to be super quiet inside “just like we are when daddy is on a work phone call..remember K? Shhhh, we need to be quiet.” She took this very seriously…until we walked in the door and she pretty much shouted to anyone that could hear “We here to vote!!!” I swallowed from laughing & I quietly reminded her “this is a quiet place,” so she calmed down a bit and then loudly whispered to the poll ladies “We going to vote!”  They all cracked up, and once we were shown to a computer to vote, I thought we were in the clear. Nope. A few people came in the clubhouse asking questions somewhat loud and my toddler pipes up just as loud “SHHH! We Voting!” I tried to quiet her down and vote without looking at anyone to avoid the embarrassment, but even the guy at the computer next to me started laughing. K was thrilled that once I was done, we both got a ‘Georgia Voter’ sticker.

The hardest parts of the day are when Chris leaves for work and K acts like she will never see him again and clings to him crying (yet she is fine 5 min after he leaves.) Changing her diaper was a horrific feat this week, and bath/bedtime routine has become a begging plea to God for it to go smoothly no matter what time we try to start it. Glow sticks and ‘Elmo bath color changer tablets’ have helped the bath part of it but getting her dressed for bed, stories read, and actually getting her in bed are another story. I am able to write this blog because tonight was a good night. J

OK! So now we are pretty much caught up! Most of you know that this blog is not only to keep family and friends updated on how she is doing, but has also taken place of K’s baby book, so we try to keep up with things for her to keep. So here are a few things just for K (when she reads this later in life):

Kaylee, you know how to spell your name now, names of all the colors, and animals. You know each family member’s ring tone when my phone rings and you ask to call daddy about 10 times a day to say” hi daddy!” and then you  say “mommy, I done.. talk to daddy.”  Minnie Mouse is still ok, but Tinkerbell is apparently the coolest ever. You love to wear dresses, and you love shoes. You love to layer tutus over whatever you are wearing. You rarely smile for pictures on cue now and duck photographers at events. You insist on giving yourself your chemo meds on your own each night. Your Dr diagnosed you with neuropathy in your right leg due to Vincristine chemo, which will hopefully go away when your treatment is all over. Your fast growing hair is awesome! My heart breaks each time we get in the car and you ask if we are going to the clinic or to the Dr and you visibly relax when I say no. Lastly, you are the greatest gift God has ever given us and we thank Him daily for you! Every day we love you more than we did the day before no matter how hard on us you have been lately.

Prayer Requests~ Of course we would be so thankful if you keep Kaylee in your daily prayers and especially for this Monday while she has sedation and chemo in the morning….but I also want to focus on 2 other people that drastically need prayers!

The Terrell Family. Grant Terrell is a 3 year old cancer fighter who we were blessed to have met on our very first day of outpatient chemo & quite a bit while we were inpatient at the hospital. His family is amazing. You can find his story on Facebook under ‘Pray For Grant Terrell.’ He is a WARRIOR…but he so badly needs your prayers!  Grant was diagnosed with Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma a little over a year ago and he has been through & overcome so much…yet a week before his End of Treatment Party to celebrate all that he has overcome, Grant had a relapse. So as of last week they had to move forward with a whole new chemo regime while asking God to be glorified through it all. They amaze me and are heavy on my heart each night, so I ask you to PLEASE join us in praying for God to show his miracles in little Grant!

A very dear friend of mine is Jenny Gould. Her brother is Chris Pearson. Without going in to the whole story, Chris is in ICU right now after being hit by a car while he was trying to help a stranded motorist. He is so badly hurt; the Dr basically told his family “We are not sure how he lived.” Chris will be getting his right leg amputated on Monday. This is obviously very hard for 26 year old Chris to deal with, but his family as well. The family is asking for prayer for feeling to come back to his left leg, quick healing and that he will be calm through this process as he is obviously heavily medicated while trying to process all that is going on and what changes all of this will bring. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers!

As always we want to thank you for keeping up with our updates on Kaylee and for your prayers! We have her steroid week coming up, so I am praying for it to be a good week, especially if they have to up her chemo again. 😦  Most of all, we daily thank God for taking care of our little girl and showing us how to fully lean on Him through this cancer battle.

Find a way, in each and every day to be thankful for something!

Xoxo, Duffy, Chris & Kaylee


Jeremiah 29:11~ “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

** To see picture updates on K, feel free to follow her on Instagram @Kayleesbattle.


Updated post coming soon


Duffy blogging

I promise we have not forgotten to post updates, but we are living through the terrible twos right now, and we are deep in survival mode without a date night out in sight.
We have had quite a few family members & friends asking us why we haven’t updated this blog… And we will. I am thinking of ways to try to make a 6 week recap in a short version.
So, thank you for checking for updates on how Kaylee is doing! If tmwr night is a better night on getting this little girl to bed, I’ll have a update! We love y’all! 🙂
***Until then, you can see her updated pictures on Instagram @Kayleesbattle.

Duffy & Chris



All our energy has been thrown into creating this Childhood Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Event benefitting The Cure Childhood Cancer Organization! This is happening TOMORROW!
There is a Red Cross blood drive, Be The Match cheek swabbing booth, The Amanda Riley Foundation booth, Whipping Childhood Cancer booth (donate money to nominate a friend to take a pie in the face!) We have a bounce house for kids, a face painter, a craft table for kids and a Dj playing music! We have PRAY4K shirts & goodie bags for kids. There will be a raffle drawing ($3 per raffle ticket) with 15 raffle items! We are super excited about our silent auction! Our silent auction features 2 iPads, an iPod touch, an iPod nano, a football signed by Mark Richt of the UGA football team, Beats Wireless Headphones, a Weber grill from Home Depot, and a PlayNation Play-set valued at $1200!!
Come out and support Childhood Cancer & donate blood for the kids at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta! Kaylee is excited to see everyone & so are we! Help us make this a winner of an event to raise money for CURE!
The Bridgemill Neighborhood pool parking lot @
1190 Bridgemill Ave
Canton, Ga 30114

Time:1-3:30 pm

We can’t wait to see you all!!

Duffy, Chris & Kaylee
(Update on how K has been doing will be posted nxt week!)