Updated post coming soon


Duffy blogging

I promise we have not forgotten to post updates, but we are living through the terrible twos right now, and we are deep in survival mode without a date night out in sight.
We have had quite a few family members & friends asking us why we haven’t updated this blog… And we will. I am thinking of ways to try to make a 6 week recap in a short version.
So, thank you for checking for updates on how Kaylee is doing! If tmwr night is a better night on getting this little girl to bed, I’ll have a update! We love y’all! 🙂
***Until then, you can see her updated pictures on Instagram @Kayleesbattle.

Duffy & Chris

3 thoughts on “Updated post coming soon

  1. I know how busy you are, and don’t expect many updates, Just this beautiful picture is great. No matter what you are in my prayers, you are just part of my regular days plans …like breathing. Much love. to you all.

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