Sedation &Chemo day


When Chris told me last night that he was not able to come with me to Kaylee’s chemo appointment today I was very disappointed but understood. We’ve been very fortunate that he’s been able to go to so many as it is.
Naturally, I slept through my alarm clock at 6am. I jolted up in bed when I heard Chris say “Oh no! Duffy! It’s 6:50! You need to be leaving now for the clinic with K!” While Chris got K up, I somehow managed to get out the door with K in 15 minutes. Spilling coffee all over my shirt with Kaylee crying about “Da-da not coming” In the back of he car while we sat in traffic on 75 wasn’t fun, but we arrived at the clinic only 15 min late.
She did have to wait a bit longer to get sedated but she was as sweet as can be only asking for a banana once. 🙂

The sedation to insert chemo in her spine went well, and her counts came in. This little girls ANC spiked to 850!!! That’s great news!! That’s a huge answer to prayer! Although The Dr’s want that count higher for us to be able to go to places like church or the aquarium, it’s high enough to not have to be on house arrest!! Thank you, Lord!!
While k was still sedated, the nurses were able to give K her Vincristine chemo through her port AND de-access her too! That was a huge relief bc it’s so hard on her to get de-accessed when she’s awake.
She was thrilled she got to pick out a hair accessory toy from the toy chest when she woke up, and told everyone how brave she was 😊. (Love her!)
She happily snacked on things I threw in a cooler for her and we arrived home by lunchtime!

She is back on daily chemo & steroids start tonight for the Nxt 5 days 😦
(We’ll need prayer for that. Steroids cause her to be a hot mess of emotions!)

Thank you for all the prayers for today, for our family, and especially for her counts to rise!! God is so good & obviously heard all those prayers!
Kaylee is just now waking up from her nap, and her grandma & cousins are coming to visit! She is going to be so excited! Yay!
Have a great wknd & thank you for being a blessing in our lives by praying & thinking of our little girl!

Jeremiah 29:11

11 thoughts on “Sedation &Chemo day

  1. Blessings !! So happy to hear all of the prayers were answered!! Y’all have a nice weekend! She is such a fighter & an inspiration…as are her parents!! Hugs & love to all 🙂

  2. What a beautiful smile she has, God bless her. Good news and of course continued prayers for her and her family.

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