Headed to ER

Because we’d hate to be that boring family, we thought another hospital visit would be fun. (Sarcasm.)
K was watching a little tv from the center of our bed this morning and I decided to go brush my teeth. Normally, k will sit still through a Minnie show, so I didn’t think something would happen (especially since she gets down from the bed all the time on her own just fine.) Then I heard a thud. (I’m literally 4 feet away from her.) Kaylee had moved around and somehow fallen off the bed.. On her arm. (I feel horrible!) I scooped her up to calm her down, made sure all her limbs were ok and everything seemed fine. The steroids have already kicked in so she’s been extra moody today as it is. She wanted to take a nap much earlier than usual bc she seems to feel rotten from the chemo yesterday. Poor thing, I hate this!

Fast fwd 2 hours… K woke up from her nap saying “Arm hurt”, and crying. We can’t touch it without her crying, and she is cradling it. Chris called the on call Dr who said even though nothing is swollen, she needs X-rays (especially since she fell on the side of where her port is located.)
So, we are on our way to Scottish Rite ER and the Dr has notified them we are coming bc Kaylee is now neutropenic ( low ANC cells) so she can’t be in the waiting area.

Please please, prayer warriors,pray!
Asking for prayer that she just has bruising but nothing broken.
Also asking for prayer for these X-rays. If you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning, you’ll remember the last time was a horrific nightmare having to pin her down for X-rays.
Praying this time will be much easier & will cause Kaylee 0 pain.
Will update when we are done!
Thank you for praying for K! She needs them!
Jeremiah 29:11

Duffy & Chris

4 thoughts on “Headed to ER

  1. So sorry she just seems to have one issue after another. She is such a fighter I am praying all is ok. God bless all of you
    Love and prayers

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