June 27th 2014

On our way to the cancer clinic for K’s short chemo day! (Hooray for no sedation today!)
They will be checking her blood levels to see if her daily chemo amounts need to be adjusted, access her port, she will receive Vincristine chemo (and we thinkthat’s the only chemo she’ll be getting today through her port. Then they will de-access her port, and start her on steroids again.(Ugh.)
She will be given Methotrexate & Mercaptopurine chemo by mouth tonight as well.

When you get a second, please pray for K. Her appt starts right at her naptime so this could be a horrific day. But we’ll just pray that away! Right? 🙂
Praying for 0 negative side effects from the chemo, and that she will be calm for her port access & de-access.
Also praying for this to be a quick day so we can get in and outta there quickly.
We’ll keep you posted on how she’s doing hopefully later tonight!
Thank you for all your prayers for Kaylee, Chris and me!!

Hugs to you and your family!

Duffy, Chris & K

One thought on “June 27th 2014

  1. Just got home and saw this so I will have to pray quite a bit harder now because I missed a few hours.
    Prayers and love to Kaylee.

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