Casted up!


It has been a realllllly hard day and to be brutally honest, that one smiling pic was the one smile we received all day.
After x-rays (and being forced to pin down my screaming/crying child to get her to be still for the X-ray.) We learned Kaylee had a hairline fracture of her elbow. (I honestly didn’t even know you could fracture your elbow. See? First time moms need a manual.)
The fact that she needed a cast from her fingers to her upper arm for 3 weeks blindsided me bc I honestly believed she was just bruised. This means no playing with sand at the playground (no playground at all for that matter) no pool time, no water table etc.. And that kills me bc what else do we have to take away from this child? We just want her to be able to play like a normal toddler.
Having to watch her scream, cry and kick at 2 grown nurse tech men pinning her down to keep her still to put a cast on her was my breaking point.
That poor child was exhausted by the time we arrived home and is sound asleep in her crib.
We are exhausted and I am in full on pity party mode, so that’s it for the blog tonight. Hopefully I can get a more encouraging update after this wknd! 😏

Thank you for praying for her today & sharing her story! We are beyond grateful for the encouraging msgs and prayers!!
Enjoy your wknd!!

Duffy, Chris & Kaylee
Jeremiah 29:11

11 thoughts on “Casted up!

  1. My 4 year old son did this exact thing a few months ago. The 5 weeks in the cast went by fast, as I pray they will for you guys too. The toughest part was keeping it dry during bathing. Prayers for sweet Kaylee.

  2. What an exhausting day! Praying for all of you as you battle the next 3 weeks. As a mom who’s delt with too many cast to count they sell a cast cover that’s great for baths you can purchase at medicle supply stores or the traditional newspaper bag. I also found that the umbrella bags at local stores work well too. I secured a towel w/ medical tape around the top just under the bag so the cast was sure to stay dry. Hope the next 3 weeks fly by. Keeping you in our prayers!

    • Thank you for the ideas heather! After K went to bed tonight Chris purchased the cast cover from Walgreens and it honestly looks like a clear travel makeup bag (but for a tiny toddler arm, lol) so I’ll definitely try your umbrella bag idea!! Thank you for your prayers!

  3. I have to admire how well you handle everything. I know it’s hard, but God has given you the strength to move forward each day, I pray if ever I have to face a tiny percent of what you have faced….I can handle it as well as you have. You are one amazing woman, wife and mother. Prayers being said for ALL. God Bless ….
    Sharla aka “Mimi”

    • Sweet Sharla, I have not handled today as anything but a hormonal woman. Chris had to ask me to step out of the room at one point bc kaylee caught me silently crying while watching her struggle getting her cast. Thank you for your kind words & prayers!

  4. You can have a pity party all you want. You are so much stronger than me and anyone I will ever know. Kaylee is in our prayers always, you and Chris as well but look at what you have already been through…a fractured arm is nothing to what you’ve already been through. You got this.

  5. What a terrible thing no fun ahead for her. Guess you’ll have to find new things! Hang in there. I know how you felt when she was crying and trying to get x-rays and cast. Loved the pic of her finally smiling.
    Love and prayers

  6. Sooo sad to hear this. Praying for her and for you and Chris that God comfort you all and give you many more smiles from your precious K.

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