10 thoughts on “What a smile! :)

    • Kay, yesterday was a little difficult but much better than Friday. She ate almost a whole cinnamon roll for breakfast, and after trying 4 choices for lunch she finally ate some macaroni &cheese… But then refused all snacks offered and did not eat any dinner. πŸ˜”

      Praising The Lord that this morning she ate a pancake &1/2, 2 cups of milk & 1/2 a cup orange juice <— vitamin c is soooo good for people that have cancer!

  1. I am a survivor of Breast Cancer now for over 17 years and I can tell you it was very hard for me to eat while on Chemo and radiation. It is great she ate so good this morning and I know she will start eating better as time goes on.

  2. Oh how beautiful a sight is that?! She a beautiful girl as it is, but to see that smile (and that good!) made me tear up from joy. God is great.

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