Good news & Bad news!


Super quick update before K wakes up from her nap:

The super great, praise God news is K’s virus test just came in: NEGATIVE!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
The bad news is: Kaylee’s ANC count (white cells that fight off infection) plummeted. (Booooo!) We are housebound bc her ANC count was 370 making her highly susceptible to getting anything. She will continue her chemo hold (which crazy enough, does not affect her end of treatment date for Nxt December.) Her Dr now thinks her body is trying to fight off the cold Chris had last week.
We are continuing to pray for higher counts, so we can let her finally have some play dates!
In other news- she is talking a mile a minute to the point where I can’t even translate it all, and her hair growth is amazing! She’s got a 70’s wave going on in the back & I’m getting excited about the idea of possible pigtails in a few months! She’s obsessed with Playdoh & anything Tinkerbell fairy or princess related. It is a pretty fun age despite trying to teach her the word “no” when we ask her to do something (I.e put your toys away) is not allowed! Lol.
Time to go get her from her nap, so we
will keep y’all updated on her Nxt counts when we receive those!
Thank you for all your prayers!!
Please please keep praying for her! House arrest is not fun!

Duffy, Chris & Kaylee

Jeremiah 29:11

2 thoughts on “Good news & Bad news!

  1. Good news bad news but she’ll conquer this as I know all are prayers are helping. She is so precious-always seems happy even with all she goes through.
    Love and lots of prayers

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