Half of the CBC Results!!


We took Kaylee for her CBC & virus tests today and although we waited quite a while in the waiting room & the vein stick was a bit harder for her than we expected, it was a blessing that the nurse we had was so incredibly sweet & got K’s vein on the first try. Kaylee recovered quite quickly when the nurse let her pick out a few stickers for “being so brave.” 😊
We have felt so supported in prayer all day from family & friends and we anxiously waited for the results (the virus test results won’t be known until Tuesday.) I called the clinic a few times throughout the day to see if the CBC labs were in & finally at 4:30 (when the clinic closes) the nurse said “I’m sorry Duffy, under Kaylee’s name it says her labs are still processing. Unless it’s urgent, we will call you Monday morning with the results.”

I don’t really do well with waiting. So I waited another hour, and then called the On call Dr and said “it’s been 7 hours since her CBC, please tell me you know what her ANC & hemoglobin count is!”
The Dr said “well to be honest her ANC count says pending… But her hemoglobin is here.”.. (PRAYER WARRIORS- this is cool!!) “There really isn’t an explanation for this.. Somehow her hemoglobin count went up! Her hemoglobin went from 8.9 to a 10.7!! I wasn’t expecting it to go up at all, so this is odd, but good for her!” I said “it’s all prayer really! It’s a God thing. Wow!!” (Doing a happy dance in my kitchen at this point.) The Dr said “all her other counts are normal too but we will need to wait on the ANC.” (Not too worried about her ANC count bc it wasn’t drastically low on Tuesday.. Just not as high as they wanted it to be.)
We are so beyond thankful for all the prayers these past few days y’all!! I can’t even put it into words since “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough!

One of my friends txted me today with “you ok?” I said “If Kaylee is ok, I’m ok!😊”
Well, Kaylee is ok and thanks be to God!! Still a fight goin on against Leukemia but she is one heck of a fighter!

We will hear back about her virus tests on Tuesday and I will be taking her to the cancer clinic on Wednesday morning for more blood tests, so we will keep you posted!

Thank you again!! Enjoy your weekend!
Duffy, Chris & K.
Jeremiah 29:11

5 thoughts on “Half of the CBC Results!!

  1. Brings tears of joy to my eyes!! I will continue to pray for all of you…as I know all of your Prayer Warriors do! God is good & AMEN!!

  2. My the struggles you and family go through. Glad you got info on blood work-sounds good.
    Love and lots of prayers. Appreciate your updates.

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