Happy New Year!

 I took a hiatus from blogging to soak up as much family time as possible. What a blessing it has been to have a few weeks away from the hospital! To catch up~ the last time we were in the hospital we were discharged on December 21st at 11pm at night after a 4 day stay for K’s chemo drip. The first few nights at home were a bit scary with Kaylee vomiting, and dry heaving from the chemo. I was livid that after calling the emergency clinic line one night and leaving 4 urgent messages, it took three hours to get in touch with a Doctor! That is insane! The Doctor that finally called us is Kaylee’s actual oncologist and she was not on call. She was just notified by the call center that her patient’s family was not getting called back by the on-call Dr and she seemed just as mad as we were that no one had called us back. Thankfully, we made friends with one of our favorite nurses in AFLAC who I texted, when a Dr wasn’t calling us back, so she told us what we could do to help K.

 By Christmas morning, Kaylee seemed to be feeling much better and we videoed her reaction to coming down the stairs Christmas morning, and it is precious! Last year at this time she was only 10months old and she took her first steps on Christmas day! This year was much more fun to see her get into unwrapping gifts and loving everything. Just seeing her generally feeling better made me so happy! Since Christmas, Kaylee has been her happy self (even though we have to give her chemo orally 3 days a week, it hasn’t seemed to affect her.) Also another amazing thing occurred; Kaylee started taking a nap again! I am so incredibly thankful for naptime!  I am still trying to tweak the timing of them b/c they are rather late in the day keeping her wide awake far too late, but it has helped so much having a few moments to get things done!

So, this leads us up to what comes next. Tomorrow I will be taking K to get her blood labs done, to make sure all her blood levels (and liver) are ready for the next 24 hour Methotrexate drip. This next hospital stay requires her to be sedated on Friday morning for a lumbar puncture. (ugh.) After that procedure, she will begin her 10-12 hours of fluids before they begin the chemo drip. We are praying for her levels to be great so we can honestly get this over with. We have already been prepped on what next month holds for our family with K’s treatment as she will move on to the next phase of chemo. It honestly scares me, and makes this phase look like child’s play, so we are trying to stay positive as she gets through these chemo drips, give glory to God for all that He has already done for her and not for one second doubt that He will heal her! Please keep K and our family in your prayers the next few days. We are expecting to be in the hospital from Friday to at least Monday evening.

We are so thankful for the prayers, sweet thoughts, and the gifts that have been sent to Kaylee! It has been such an odd feeling to be the recipient of prayers and thoughtful things when that is usually something we like to do for others. We feel very blessed and thankful for each of y’all, for taking in interest in reading about our life and how our little girl is doing. The only thing we allow in our brain is that Kaylee WILL be part of the 83% that will be beat this terrible cancer and that our Lord truly has His hand on her! I cannot wait for the day we can use the term HEALED! J


Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

5 thoughts on “A NEW YEAR!

  1. We are praying that this New Year 2014 Kaylee will be HEALED. Although we have never met any of you we know your Mom, Sara and Ron and they are wonderful people so we know all of you are the same. A day doesn’t go by that Kaylee isn’t in our prayers along with all of your family, that God will see that Kaylee will be healed. We pray that this New Year will be the best for all of you.
    Dolores Mason

  2. Dear Duffy & Chris…Kaylee & y’all are in my prayers at the most random times of day…when I’m talking to God. My prayers are for healing with minimal pain to Kaylee & as always, strength and love for you 2 to hold it all together when the rest of the world is rushing by! Praying that 2014 will be good for all of you…even knowing the challenges ahead. God’s got this…as I know you know 🙂
    Jeremiah 29:11 is in my head all the time.
    Love you guys…Molly’s Mom 😉

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