Here we go again

Just a quick update-
We are on our way to the AFLAC Clinic. I took K to get her blood labs done on Monday and her blood counts & liver levels all came back good to go. This means we are headed back for round 2 of the 24 hour Methotrexate chemo drip right now.
Kaylee starts a saline drip today,and late tonight she begins the methotrexate with the saline drip to protect her little organs. After 24 hours of the chemo, she continues the fluid drip to flush the chemo out as quickly as possible. The Dr will be drawing blood labs every 12 hours to monitor her counts and methotrexate levels (at least I think that is right.)
So we are expecting to be in the hospital until at least Saturday.
(So thankful for family staying at our house to take care of our dogs while we are away!)

A huge thank you to the prayer warriors! A combination of The Lord and the Magic mouthwash made her chemo induced mouth sores vanish, and she has been eating a ton! (SUCH a huge answer to prayer!) The waking up every night at 1am (or multiple times every night) continued, so she ended up sleeping with us almost every night. She was getting chemo by mouth 3 nights a week, so she can sleep with us if she wants! 🙂

Please lift K up in your prayers this week. We are praying for kaylee to be calm during the port access today.We are praying away the nasty side effects from the chemo, and that God will ultimately heal her from this cancer!

Thank you for all the thoughts & prayers going out for our little girl! We are so incredibly thankful for you all!
We will try to keep you posted about how she’s doing in the hospital.
Until then… God bless y’all & enjoy your week!

One thought on “Here we go again

  1. Just came across your blog and tested up. I’ve got a 3 year old boy who finished his 24 hour drip last night. Warrior Shephard on Facebook. Praying for you and your family!

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