As parents, we believe we can protect our children from all the bad things in this world.  Unfortunately, we found out on August 1st, 2013 that there was something we could not protect our daughter from, leukemia.  Although this was something we could not fight for her, it is something we can and will fight with her.  As we started down this long road to  kicking cancer’s ass, the three of us quickly discovered something greater that we could have ever imagined, the limitless support from all of our family and friends. Within hours of breaking the horrible news, the prayers and offers of support started pouring in, and with every passing hour, the number of Kaylee’s supporters increased exponentially.  We are so grateful for everyone’s support and prayers, and are truly humbled.

As the number of supporters increased, we quickly realized how difficult it would be to keep everyone that cares about Kaylee updated on her progress.  This is why we created this blog, to share the story of Kaylee’s battle with her supporters.  Throughout this battle, we will be updating you on Kaylee’s progress, sharing pictures and hopefully telling stories about some of the people we encounter along the way.

We would like to keep this blog an open forum, so please feel free to provide your own comments and words of encouragement to Kaylee, and we will make sure to share them with her each night.  Also, please feel free to share this blog with your friends and family, because we can never have enough prayers.

Anything is possible, if you have faith. Mark 9:23

The Family

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  1. Duffy, it’s been YEARS since I’ve seen you in person (FBC youth group days were OH-so long ago!) but facebook has led me to your story, and I wanted you to know you and your sweet girl are in my prayers! Praying for peace, strength, and healing, and confidently looking forward to GREAT reports!!
    Sarah (White) Ingolfsland

  2. Kaylee will be in my prayers every day, and I look forward to following her progress and recovery and her kickin’ cancer’s boo-tay! GOD IS GREAT!

  3. Duffy we have not met yet but I am your Mother-in-Laws cousin in Florida. I along with 100’s of people in my church family & friends are praying for Kaylee I will be following this blog until the Day she kisses cancer goodbye and heads home where she belongs. There is Power in Prayer!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Duffy, I’m Yobany, Michael Alfe’s wife. Michael is Debbie’s cousin (your mom-in-law). We too have never met you, but want you to know that we have Kaylee, you and the rest of the family in our thoughts and prayers. We are here for you all. We will be following Kaylee’s progress, as she kicks cancers butt. Kaylee will prevail with her beautiful smile and be back running and playing in no time. We are sending a million angels to watch over her as she heals. We will also continue to cheer her on… Go! Kaylee, Go! Hugs and kisses to sweet little Kaylee from the Alfe’s in Jersey; Yobany, Michael, Sean & Adrianna.

  5. Duffy,

    I’m so sorry to hear y’all are having to go through this. We didn’t know each other well at Pope but just wanted to let you know I’m sending good thoughts your way. I’m getting ready to have a baby girl at the end of September and couldn’t imagine what this must be like for you. If it would be any help at all, I’d be happy to look into donating our babies cord blood to your family (not sure if this is a treatment option or not).
    Lauren (Feinberg) Levetan

  6. It’s been probably 20 years since we’ve talked. This is Heather Hart from Pope. We ran cross country together. Anna, filled me in on what’s going on. My heart just broke. Please know that Brian and I will be praying for y’all.

  7. Hi Duffy, this is Vicky, your mother-in-law (Debbie’s) aunt from Philly. I, along with my friends and some strangers, are keeping Kaylee in our prayers. Also, her name is on the prayer list in a couple of churches here. Hoping the good Lord places her in his healing hands and looking forward to seeing her leave the hospital. Sending our love to Kaylee, her mommy & daddy, and everyone else there.

  8. There are no words to express how sorry I am to read that your precious little girl has leukemia. I am praying for Kaylee and your family.

  9. Thinking and praying for you guys every day! Keeping sweet Kaylee in my thoughts and wishing her an easier road to recovery….she and you all will get there!

  10. My heart sank when I saw this post in Facebook. We will keep you in our prayers. While I am sure this is one of the most difficult things you have ever endured, your pictures show a family that is the picture of strength. May God heal Kaylee and continue to strengthen you all along the way.

  11. Kaylee & Family, we’ve never met but I am neighbor’s of Drew & Amanda. Amanda told me about Kaylee’s story and she’s been in our thoughts and prayers ever since. I recently visited your blog and sent everyone I knew prayer requests today, including our church. Just know, there are so many more of us that have you all in our prayers every day and are following your blog for every update. God Bless you for your strength.

    • Annnnnd I’m done for. Elizabeth, you have no idea how you have opened up my eyes tonight, to how many people have yet to even meet K, but are somehow touched by her story and we are humbled and blessed by your prayers & sharing her story!! THANK YOU!

      • Words cannot describe how I felt last night after getting your update on Kaylee and her doing exceptionally well after yesterday’s procedure. The power of prayer! God answered all of our prayers and he will continually answer them. Don’t lose Faith, trust in Him and continue to lean on Him. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.

  12. Duffy, I am friends with your Mom, Sarah, and your Dad, Ron, and I have been praying for Kaylee every day since I first read your blog in August. Prayers do help and I so hope that everyone’s prayers will get your beautiful daughter rid of this terrible cancer soon. You and your husband are amazing and your love of God and your daughter will bring you threw this. I remember how proud your Mom was when Kaylee was born and everyone here at Stonebridge was so happy for her. I have never met you, but I can see that you are like your Mom all over again. You both have great families and friends there for you. All of you are in my prayers!
    Dolores Mason

  13. I am a complete stranger, but your story has touched my heart in ways I can’t explain. I am so terribly sorry fjor what is happening to your child, and your family. I will be praying for you all. My niece 14 years old is now a survivor of brain cancer, and my father in law is currently battling esophageal cancer. This terrible disease has touched my family so many times, every time I hear the word I shutter. To think of it happening to a small child just breaks my heart. I’m sure I’m rambling and starting to sound nuts, but i just wanted you to know that people care, and we are all praying. May God bless you and your family. May he look over your daughter and help her through this.

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