Sedation & chemo tmwr!


Happy New Year!!

As much as I wanted to be able to sit down and write an update on how Kaylee has been doing, there is not enough time tonight. I will say, praise God she hasn’t gotten sick & I am so grateful for her daily smiles,cuddles & energy!

*note~ After reading the post below, I realized this became more of a rant than anything else. Sorry bout that.. We all have our days..*

We have a full day ahead of us tomorrow! The cancer clinic is swamped with kids, so we will be taking Kaylee to get her vitals taken, her port accessed, and her Vincristine chemo at the cancer clinic as usual. Then, one of the nurses will usher us across the street to the CHOA hospital “day surgery” where K will be sedated, receive chemo in her spine & eventually de accessed.
The issue here is that Kaylee is usually sedated first…and then she’s able to finally eat & drink while receiving her other chemo. Tomorrow she will have to wait longer than she ever has, to eat or drink because her sedation is after everything else…and it’s at the hospitalšŸ˜„. I have tried everything from getting the date changed,to seeing if there is any way she can get sedated first, but I was not successful. Chris and I are not happy about this (to say it nicely) bc who honestly wants to see their 2 year old wait hours and hours without being able to eat or drink a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g ?! It is mean and ridiculous to do to a child, and we are praying (at this point) that she’ll be done before lunch, but that also is not looking possible. (Sigh)

So, our prayer requests for tomorrow are a bit different than usual. While we still ask for prayer for Kaylee to be calm while her port is being accessed, her chemo to be mixed accurately & efficiently, prayers for 0 negative side effects from the chemo treatments, and that she will be calm for her port de access, BUT we are also asking for a few more prayers. Prayers that Kaylee won’t have to wait long to eat or drink.. That somehow she will get sedated quicker than we are told (a safe sedation at that.) We are praying for a smooth, quick day for her! She will also start steroids tmwr, so if you’ve read our blog before.. You know that the nxt 5 days can be a bit rough.
Chris and I both know that prayer can change everything! We’ve seen so much proof of that during this battle,so thank you for being our prayer warriors! God truly has been & is so good!!
Hoping & believing for the best tmwr, and we will update you on how it goes & how she is doing soon!
Jeremiah 29:11– “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


Chris, Duffy & Kaylee

6 thoughts on “Sedation & chemo tmwr!

  1. Praying our little “Princess” as Papa calls her, will be surrounded by angels and have a quick and easy ( as easy is possible) morning…. Love you all!

  2. My heart and my prayers are with you always. One can only trust and give yourself up….and believe, well we all try. So we pray, and hope, and shed some tears, and pray again. May God be with you and listen.

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