Back to the hospital!

Well, we had originally been scheduled to go to the clinic this morning for K’s chemo day. She woke up crying at 5am and came to sleep with us. When my alarm went off at 6, I realized how hot she felt. Her temperature read 100.4 which is the exact temperature that means she has to go to the emergency room. We called the on call Dr who said for us to go to the ER. We left the house & hit some rush hour traffic. Once the clinic was open, I called them. They said it would be faster if we came to the clinic for antibiotics, and any transfusions before they would escort us Nxt door to the hospital. Her ANC count & platelet count were both super low. She received a platelet transfusion and a 3 hour blood transfusion.
We are currently waiting to be escorted to her hospital room for a minimum stay of 48 hours and she still has a mild fever. They have tested her for every infection possible & we are hoping they all come back negative. Please keep K in your prayers.
Not looking forward to a wknd at the hospital again, but looking forward to my little girl feeling better again!
We love y’all & thank you for all the kind words & prayers!
Have a great wknd & please pray4K.

Duffy & Chris 🙂

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