Labs came in

Quick update: Nov 19th

I took K to get her blood labs done this morning. She was fearless and was given 3 princess stickers (she has insisted on carrying around all afternoon!) 😊
We received a call from nurse Mary at the AFLAC clinic later this afternoon. Kaylee’s ANC count has to be at least 750 to be strong enough to withstand the upcoming methotrexate chemo drip. Her count today was 1400! Yay for such a high Illness fighting white cell count!
This news means that we check in to the AFLAC clinic early Thursday morning for her to be sedated for a lumbar puncture & chemo injection
in her spine. Once that is over, they start her on a 24 fluid drip & we will be admitted to her hospital room for the wknd. Friday she will start the scary 24 hour Methotrexate chemo drip, and Saturday will be a full day of fluids to protect her kidneys from the chemo. We are hoping to be discharged from the hospital Sunday afternoon (K turns 21 months old on Sunday!)
We are praying for a good night of sleep tonight & tmwr so she is well rested before all of this. We are also praying away all the possible nasty side effects from the chemo (side effects from this weeks chemo is listed on the previous blog entry.)

I did want to mention how nice it has been to have our little eater back!! Since Kaylee has been off chemo for 2 weeks, she has just started to love all of her old favorite foods again! AND she has gained a pound!! Such an answer to prayer! We need that weight on her before she hates food again due to the chemo. 😝 Surprisingly enough, her sleeping has been our biggest battle this past week! She has been the hardest little girl to get to sleep (or even to take a nap) & Chris and I are exhausted. So we are asking for prayer on this.
Thank you for all the prayers for her eating! (She is asking for her 12th ritz cracker as I’m writing this. LOL. Not such a little snack as intended before dinner, but have at it K! )

Last thing, since Friday will be a tough chemo day for K, we want to show her how much support she has! If you have purchased a PRAY4K shirt, please try to wear it during some point on Friday & we will be wearing ours πŸ˜‰

We will update the blog as we can while we are at the hospital this week! Again, thank you for praying for our little girl and this cancer battle she is fighting!
Jeremiah 29:11


4 thoughts on “Labs came in

  1. Great news she has gained a pound. Sorry she doesn’t want to sleep as that isn’t good for you guys either.
    I wear K shirt every night to bed my favorite makes me close to her and God as I do my nightly prayer for her and your family..
    Stay strong Love and prayers

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