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So our little rockstar got a fever yesterday at home. We took her temp all day (which ranged between 99.2-99.8) and finally after I tried to rock her to sleep at 7:45 pm and she cried as soon as I put her in the crib, I had Chris switch with me. He took her temp (I had done the same 20 min earlier) but this time her temp was almost 102! He told me to finish packing our go bag and to call the clinic. I did, and got the “Go to the emergency room” from K’s Oncologist who was luckily the on-call Dr last night. They started her on antibiotics & fluid right away, and after an hour, they were able to give her Tylenol. We were assigned to the room we were first given in August, and her fever slowly came down. By 2am, (I’m sharing the hospital bed with K,) I felt heat radiating from her and asked the Dr if we could get her some Tylenol. Her fever was 102!

We got her blood counts back. For those that don’t know, A normal child will have a ANC count (white blood cells that fight off infection) between 3,000-5,000. We found out on Chemo this past Friday that her ANC count was 30 (gasp!) So we would put the original timeline of getting all day chemo in the hospital (that was planned for this Thursday) on hold, and plan it for Nov 14th, to allow her counts to come back up. (We were so happy we could give her a 9 day break from all chemo!) Well, we found out last night her ANC level was 2 (yeah, 2!) this morning her ANC count was 0! (I had to have the nurse repeat that to me twice b/c I thought I heard her wrong.) This means that our little 20 month old has 0 white blood cells that can help her fight off any infection that comes her way! Seriously dangerous! The only way to help her ANC count to go up is time. There is no transfusion that can help this. This also means her all day chemo (3 days in the hospital for that) will be pushed back another week (praying it won’t be during Thanksgiving.) Her hemoglobin was also dangerously low, so I’m typing this as she is asleep getting another blood transfusion. I met with the Dr earlier who said, this is normal b/c her body is just trying to come back from chemo and will take a few days for her counts to come up. This also means, she cant leave our room without a mask, and if you know Kaylee…that’s not gonna happen. She’ll rip a mask off in a hot minute!

K was lucky to get a visit from a girl we have met at the chemo clinic named Kayla, who was getting discharged from the AFLAC section to go home today. That was the first semi-smile I saw out of Kaylee today, so thank you to Kayla and her mom Maureen for visiting us before leaving.

Kaylee is definitely fighting off an infection because even with the constant drip of antibiotics, and Tylenol every 4-5 hours, she has not had a temperature below 99.5 degrees today. We were just told that we will be here in the hospital for a minimum of 4 days. Kaylee is not eating a thing, or drinking (so I am thankful for the fluid drip that is keeping her electrolytes up and keeping her hydrated!)

So before she wakes up: our prayers: We are praying for God to heal her of the Leukemia, heal whatever infection she has going on in her body, and bring our happy, sweet spirited (yet sassy) baby girl back. We are praying that all her counts rise and that we won’t have to stay in the hospital longer than 3-4 days. We are praying that she will start eating and drinking, and that the Mylicon drops that the nurse is bringing in right now will help her tummy feel better!

Thank you for all the prayers and support! She needs those prayers! We will try to keep everyone updated on how our little one is doing! So thankful we caught her fever spiking when we did last night. It is time to get better K!


Jeremiah 29:11


11 thoughts on “Hospital Update

  1. Duffy and Chris, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Kaylee. I paraphrase your prayer request and pray along right off of your blog. Hoping and prayer for an upturn. Love, Uncle Lee and Anne

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  2. God will be with Kaylee and you just keep the faith. . My heart breaks for her suffering. No child should have to endure this. Prayers come daily.

  3. Been praying for many weeks now for little K… started with a 40 day challenge from my niece, but have kept going. I hurt for both child and parents with the deferred hope for affirmative answers for prayers of complete healing. Undeterred, I continue to seek God’s grace and mercy to say “Amen!” for K!!!

  4. With so many prayers going Kaylee’s way I know she will continue to “Fight Like a Girl” and will be better soon. My prayers also go to her wonderful parents.

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