Nov 3rd
I plan on updating the blog tonight, but wanted to share a prayer request: Kaylee has only eaten 2 bites of breakfast ALL day! Shes drinking water & milk, but wont eat. She has had a fever all day between 99.1-99.7. If her fever gets up to 100.5, we go to the hospital. We already know she needs to gain weight, so not eating is not helping. 😦 She clearly feels awful Bc she has been crying on and off all day and has refused to nap.
Please say a quick prayer for her… We hate seeing her like this… 😦
Just want her to feel better & to eat.
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18 thoughts on “Fever

  1. Oh, poor Kaylee! We’ll definitely be praying more specifically tonight. Hang in there, Duffy. It’s not easy being a mommy when your baby isn’t feeling well. Will be praying for you and Chris as well.

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