Quick update from phone 10/28/13

Just a quick update-
I will be taking K to get bloodwork tmwr bc her oncologist believes she will need a platelet transfusion sooner than her scheduled chemo on Friday.

We are also scheduled to be in the Scottish Rite Childrens Hospital for 4 days next week Nov 7th-11th (they THINK it will be those dates bc it all really depends on how’s she’s doing/blood counts etc.) This hospital stay will be a full day of fluids before getting a 24 hour drip of Methotrexate chemo & then a full day of fluids after the chemo drip to protect her kidneys. We are told to expect her to feel run over/vomiting, more hair loss & developing mouth sores.😥
So far she has good moments and bad moments & we never know if it is the chemo causing her to act a certain way or the ‘terrible twos’ beginning.The Drs were right when they said it is hard to discipline a child with Cancer… Especially one that can’t verbalize exactly how she feels. She has, however pointed at her tummy a few times and said “hurt, mommy.” which breaks my heart that I can’t make it better.
We are trying to let K be as much of a “normal” kid as we possibly can with a bit of extra snuggles & of course extra antibacterial hand gel! 😉
The past 3 nights have been a bit rough and I’m praying for sleep (for all 3 of us), for her appetite to increase,and for The Lord to heal her & take her pain away. We will continue to help her fight this mountain of a battle while thanking God that she was diagnosed with the ‘best type of Leukemia’ and not another type that has a lower cure rate.
We ask for prayers to continue to be lifted up for Kaylee (who is now 20 months old!) and want to thank everyone who has continued to do so! There are never accurate words to express how thankful we are that y’all care enough to keep up with how she is doing & sharing her story with others!
I will try to update later this week with a bit better detail.
To the parents that read this, give your kids extra hugs for us tonight & remember to always… Always..Be thankful! 💕


Jeremiah 29:11- “For I know the plans I have for you” declares The Lord “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, Plans to give you hope and a future.”
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12 thoughts on “Quick update from phone 10/28/13

  1. Duffy,
    Kaylee is in my prayers. You all are! No child should every have to go through this & no parent should have to see their child go through this. Stay strong & as you know there are so many prayers for Kaylee & your family!

  2. Keep your head up! God is good and will heal your precious child! Her testimony will bring others to Christ! You just watch and see! Praying for you and the family!

  3. Praying as you ask Duffy. She is so blessed to have you 2 as her parents. I am posting about 2 little children that are on fb. and have a share ….little Tripp who had a tree limb fall on his head 1 year ago . He is 3 now and for Ephraim age 4 who is in Roswell Community Church and was not suppose to survive birth because of a bad kidney. His Sunday School teacher just gave him one of hers last week. A lot of my friends are now praying for them too. Is there a way I can share your post on fb? I love your and pray for God to meet all your needs.

  4. Hi Duffy, I continue to keep Kaylee in my prayers for healing & for her appetite to increase. Praying for you & Chris that you can continue to stay strong for her. Your faith will help get you through this.

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