Quick prayer request

A few additions to the prayer list:

Today we found out that K has lost another pound in weight. 😨She simply isn’t hungry due to chemo. If she loses much more, the Dr will want to put in a feeding tube. PLEASE PRAY PRAY PRAY for an increased appetite in our daughter & that she won’t lose any more weight!!
Also, we have to do chemo injections every day this week. Ugh!!! Please pray for Chris, me and K that these wont be as hard as it was last time and that we can somehow get these done w/ minimal outbursts/tears.

Thanks so much y’all! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
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12 thoughts on “Quick prayer request

  1. Prayers going up.

    Have you tried ensure shakes with her? Just a thought if you have not already tried. The strawberry & chocolate are usually more popular with kids.

  2. Lord Jesus, we come into agreement with Kaylee’s parents that she will conquer this disease, and she will do it quickly. We pray for mulitplied strength for Kaylee, multiplied benefits from the nourishment she receives, and multiplied rest for Duffy and Chris. We pray for this family that they will see tangible evidence of your presence in their situaition this week. To You be all the glory and all the honor. Amen.

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